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HI, I have been wondering for some time why I had a chronic cough for 16 years! I have been to numerous doctors for it. They have given me Advair thinking it was some king of Asthma. Also allergy medicines for allergy because I also had post nasal drip with it. I too thought the post nasal drip caused my cough and curious enough I used the Advair for years thinking it was helping somewhat. I saw a chest specialist and went through 2 bronchoscopies, CT scans, Allergy testing, and a scope down my throat for acid reflux. Nothing was conclusive. I cough when I talk, get excited or laugh. I cough when I eat, my nose runs too! It is no way to live! I occasionally cough up little blood clots too. Not only that to add insult to injury when I cough it causes incontinence. Just recently I have come to find out by a video I just watched tonight that my cough is caused by Acid Reflux! I am so happy I finally know what I am dealing with although I am not looking forward to giving up some of my favorite foods for the rest of my life! But what I am even more worried about is the possibility of Esophageal cancer! Considering I have been living with this cough and other symptoms for 16 years and no one could conclusively diagnose me! So now I have to go into a doctor and tell them I need to have my esophagus looked at thoroughly to see if I am ok. I have had the endoscope thing done before and it was one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever had done! I swore I would never do it again, but I guess I have to to make sure I don’t have cancer… So scary! But if anyone has a cough symptom like me please check out Dr. Jaimie Koufman. Thanks to her I finally know why I cough!!!!

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