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It started about a year ago when I was shopping for food. I felt sick to my stomach and all of a sudden I pooped my pants. I was very embarrassed and very upset with myself because I was in a store with about 70 to 80 people. I know that people who were behind me must have seen me and they could smell it. All I wanted to do is cry. I left my cart were it happened and I ran out the door. I called my doctor when I got home and she told me to come in. I stopped in a medical supply store and brought myself some super absorbent adult diapers. And then a couple pairs of plastic pants to put over the diapers . I have been going through this for over two years now. But I don’t care if I have another accident in public I will be prepared. I am not the only man who has to wear adult diapers. Or who peas or poops their pants.

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