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Hello, I became incontinent when I was in my 20s due to an accident, so it’s been several years that I’ve had this medical condition. I have urinary incontinence and wear incontinence briefs day and night. At the beginning of this problem, it was very difficult for me to accept it and know I would wear briefs for the rest of my life. Ultimately, I began to recover and became self-sufficient again, but the embarrassment and isolation was still a problem. Just the thought of buying briefs, to be seen buying them, feeling that people can see me wearing them, feeling that my diaper would be noticeable under clothing, it was terrible at first. However, with time, I accepted my medical condition. While I know I am permanently incontinent and will never recover, I realized, no one cares. No one at the store or park is looking at me or judging me. I made a big deal out of nothing. I am active, I go out for jogs, I feel good buying incontinent products at stores because it helps me be able to enjoy life again.

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